Krzysztof Knapczyk

Krzysztof Knapczyk – one of the most talented vocalists of the young generation, who works perfectly well in the opera, pop and musical repertoire. He is an actor, multi-instrumentalist, cultural animator, creator of innovative artistic projects and internet projects.

Performer of one of the main roles in the musical “Karol” about the life of Saint John Paul II – the biggest musical project in Poland, with the premiere in Tauron Arena Kraków for 9 thousand audience. He is also known to a wide audience for his participation in TV productions and for his original shows in which he combines different kind of music into one big concert.


Krzysztof Knapczyk’s concert is an excellent artistic complement to every important occasion: cultural event, company gala, conference, business meeting, integration trip and many others. His recitals are great both at small meetings for the intimate audience as well as during big shows, concerts or mass events.


Krzysztof Knapczyk takes part in international and national artistic projects such as musicals, operas, operettas, music camps or concerts. He realizes himself in them as an actor, vocalist and manager.

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