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Krzysztof Knapczyk – one of the most talented singers of the young generation, who excels in both opera, pop and musical repertoire. Actor of the Musical Theater in Łódź, on the stages of the musicals „Les Misérables”, „Jesus Christ Superstar” and „Miss Saigon”. Multi-instrumentalist, creator of artistic projects, incl. „From the Opera to the Musical”, „The Concert of Three Tenors”, „Tribute to Pavarotti” or „Opera as a street art”. He played one of the main roles in the musical “Karol” about the life of Saint John Paul II (with the premiere at Turon Arena Krakow for 9 thousand viewers).

The vocalist of the band “Queen Symphonically”. He is also known to a wide audience for his participation in film productions of Telewizja Polsat and performances for thousands of viewers (he sang, among others, with the Dżem band, during the gala on the 25th anniversary of RMF FM). Organizer of Broadway Camp Poland. He has performed abroad in Greece (including the „Concert of Three Tenors”), Egypt, Germany and the United States. As a member of Warsaw Boys Choir at the Chopin University of Music in Warsaw he performed in China, England, Germany, Italy, Austria and Macedonia.

Associate of the Foundation for the Development of Education, along with which he prepares and performs his own recitals accompanying the most prestigious business and local government galas and scientific meetings in Poland. He is currently working on his original music material for his debut single. Music is his passion and way of life.

“An amazing voice and the extraordinary personality.”



Krzysztof Knapczyk together with the PRC company runs the Creative Agency, which organizes various artistic events.

The main activity of the agency is concerts by Krzysztof Knapczyk – an excellent artistic complement to each event: company gala, conference, business meeting, cultural celebration, integration trip and many others. The artist offers recitals for all occasions, perfect for meetings for small audiences as well as for great shows, concerts and mass events. Krzysztof’s performances, full of passion, talent and genuine emotions, are unforgettable shows in the style of “one man show”, which provide the audience with unique impressions: vocal, acting, poetic … The energy, spontaneity and honesty accompanying Krzysztof Knapczyk’s performances make each singer’s concert an unforgettable experience that viewers keep coming back to – not only with their memory, but also literally, buying a ticket to the Artist’s next recital.

Depending on the nature of the event, accompanied by a concert by Krzysztof Knapczyk, we can offer various recital variants, tailored to each occasion and needs of each audience. We offer one of the following concerts, or a “tailor-made” concert – prepared exactly according to your expectations and artistic needs.

Concerts offered (example):

Concert “Tribute to Pavarotti” – a musical story about the life of one of the most famous opera singers of all time. The stage will feature the most beautiful opera arias made famous by Pavarotti and the greatest hits of popular music, which our hero loved and which inspired him. In the extended version, the concert is combined with classical dance performed by the winner of the 13th edition of the TV show “Got Talent”.

Concert “From opera to musical” – a concert composed of the most beautiful world opera literature and the greatest hits of the Polish and foreign musical scene. During the concert, the audience is enchanted by classical songs, such as the most famous Neapolitan song “O sole mio”, as well as the great hits of musicals (“Evita”, “Les Misérables”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “The Lion King”, ” Vampire Dance “).

“The Three Tenors” – the concert refers to the first concert of three tenors from 1990, during which they performed together: Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti. The well-known classical repertoire sung by three male voices accompanied by live music creates a unique atmosphere of this concert.

The concert “Hits from the charts” – a concert of the greatest hits of world popular music, which for many months reigned on the charts of radio stations in New York, London, Paris and of course … Warsaw. The recital program includes songs from the repertoire of the greatest stars: Eric Clapton, Elton John and John Lennon, in a masterful, “refreshed” performance. “Hits from the charts” is an excellent proposition for everyone who loves good music of the highest, world format.

Concert “All I Want for Christmas” – a Christmas concert consisting of the most beautiful Christmas carols and pastorales: those well-known, usually sung at the Polish Christmas Eve table, and less known: author’s or from the farthest parts of the world. It is a musical meeting with the wonderful atmosphere of Christmas and an opportunity to sing Christmas carols together.

Regardless of the above concert proposals, knowing your expectations in detail, we are able to prepare a performance “on request” – strictly adapted to the needs and preferences of the client.


Agencja Kreatywna PRC also has a wide range of concerts and shows of a different nature, the entire catalog is available for download after clicking on the PRC logo.

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